Who am I?

If you’re looking for a weekly column with the latest in business development, product development, customer development, and software development, written by some of the best thought leaders in the industry, please look somewhere else! 😅

I’m a software developer trying to break into business, a field in which I’ve got no experience, I’m a busy dad who rarely has time to write, and I’m an anal retentive perfectionist who will spend days crafting a completely overlooked tweet, toot, or skeet.

But, I love to write. And that’s why I have some articles for you to read.

You can hear my rant about software under Jake Does Dev. You can hear me struggle with business under Jake Does Biz. Or, you can read about the rest of the stuff going on in my world under Jake Does Life.

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My personal writings about my life and my pursuit of starting my own tech business.